Intelligent comment prominent in time among friends is a good sense of humor. But aggressive negative comments that hide an underlying rage under the surface are a secret.

Sometimes, sharp comments include unflattering compliments, such as: "Looks good to someone of your age." Snark also includes sarcastic comments such as: "I've made more sales if I started more as if you knew what you were talking about.

The world seems to be more generous all the time. But this does not mean that you have to leave those turds pulling you or feeling you.

Why is it important to stay strong?

By the University of Michigan found that Naemia spreads. The researchers found that individuals exposed to behaviors such as ridicule and threat lost their mental energy in an attempt to explain one's intentions.

They have grown mentally and have more difficulty managing their impulses and regulating their emotions. Thus, they were more likely to break out, because they lacked the energy to suppress their impatience.

Unfortunately, one sexy individual can lead to a collective disorder, if you are not careful. But the good news is that she can remain mentally strong even when dealing with lively comments.

Here's how psychologically strong people deal with snakes:

1. They do not give away their power.

Allowing others to control how you think, feel, or act gives them strength. You certainly do not want to allow negative and evil comments to influence how you feel about yourself or what your day is.

If someone is used to sending unwanted comments, decide that you will not allow that person to occupy a lot of space in your life. Make a good day, even when your coworker is rude. Or decide that you will not let your honorable supervisor's feedback affect your value.

Re-frame your disturbing thoughts, take a deep breath to stay calm, and stay away from the situation when it is warranted.

2. It remains true to its values.

People who are mentally strong know their values ​​and make it their priority to live on them - even when they encounter exciting people.

Whether it means repeating itself, "It's important to treat others with respect" or to rid themselves of positions that are not in line with their beliefs, the strong-minded people know that keeping them safe is the key to inner peace.

No matter how seductive you are, do not descend to the level of others. In the end, you'll want to be able to keep your head high and learn that you are able to be the biggest person.

3. They know when to talk and when they close.

People who are mentally strong understand when they are firm, and are not afraid to speak. But they also realize that it is sometimes better to ignore someone who uses sarcastic comments only to attract attention.

They do not feel that they need to get the last word, and do not care about arguing for it only. But they are not afraid to call someone for their behavior. Committed to using direct connections. When it is justified, say something like "I noticed that you rolled your eyes when you reminded me of the project." Are you upset about something?

Or if you're in a meeting and someone gives an interesting comment on the latest ideas, talk to people who are genuinely interested. After that, you will be drawn to where you should be - with positive people.

Build your mental muscles

Everyone has the ability to build mental muscles so that they can cope with difficult conditions and people more like a healthy way. But if you find yourself in a toxic environment, you may need to get out completely: an unhealthy workplace will affect your wellbeing - no matter how strong your mental strength is.


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